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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

By using the website:, you implicitly agree with the Terms and Conditions of usage (??) below. For using the website in the best conditions, it is recommended to carefully read the Terms and Conditions of utilization. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions of Utilization, do not use the website. reserves its right to modify the terms and conditions whenever deemed necessary, without prior notification. The latest version of the Terms and Conditions of Utilization is always available on the website. Please check this page periodically in case of updates. Using the website after the update of the Terms and Conditions implies accepting the modifications of the Terms and Conditions.


General Information

Through the website, we understand the collection of information obtained through accessing the web address:

This website is the property of S.C MERA COM INTERNATIONAL S.R.L (consequently named CRAMA GIRBOIU) which maintains and administrates:



Str. Dealul Cramelor, Village Dragosloveni, Commune Dumbraveni, County Vrancea

Reg. Com: J39/1166/1994 (Registry of commerce)

CUI: RO6634678

IBAN LEI: RO90 BACX 0000 0007 0123 1000


All the prices are displayed in RON and they include VAT (24%)

Due to the large volume of information and conditions presented by the producer, the characteristics and availability of the products presented on this page may change without prior notification.


Collecting personal information applies the highest standards in the confidentiality treatment of our clients. Al the information (including, but not excluding, the client’s bank account details, transactions, correspondences) are utilized with maximum discretion. The only personal details gathered by are those offered voluntarily by the user, in the process of effectuating transactions or other operations. Simply browsing the website doesn’t imply personal data collection.
Certain functionalities or services require the collection of personal data; those will be used only for the reason for which the data was offered and/or the communication between the website and the clients, when it is deemed necessary ( for example: confirmation of an order, announcement of holiday program, price reduction, promotions). won’t divulge personal information of the users collected on the website to anyone who is unauthorized. This information can be divulged to authorities responsible with the verification of commercial transactions, only at their justified solicitation. can provide for certain competent people collective information and statistics regarding the number, profile or other characteristics of the users, with the goal of statistically analyzing them. This information won’t include information of personal identification.



All searching functions offered by are at the users’ disposal with the goal of increasing the functionality of the website. doesn’t collect personal information as an outcome of the searching procedures, but can keep and analyze the history of the already completed searches, with the goal of identifying the interests of the clients and to improve the services offered.

Hyperlinks and other websites can include in the website links towards other websites which can be owned or not by; it can’t be, under any circumstances, responsible for their content.


Typing mistakes doesn’t take responsibility for the errors included in: prices, characteristics or images of the products. In the case of an order not being able to be completed due to any of these kind errors, reserves its right to cancel the order and to announce the client in the shortest time about the error.

Use of the website by people under the age of 18 isn’t suitable for people under the age of 18. Those, even though they can’t be prevented, don’t have the right to send or post information on, no matter what the subject of the information. Any of this kind of operation shall be executed by the legal representative of the minor.

Registration as a member, password and attitude as a member

By registering as a member, you will be solicited to provide a username (email address) and a password. You are responsible to keep the password safe from access as a member of the website, any activity done under your username is your responsibility. You agree to contact us immediately about kind of loss of password or signs of unauthorized activity under your username.

You are fully aware that any kind of information, data, text, photos, graphics etc. contained on this website are the responsibility of the person/entity from which they are being provided. In these conditions we can’t, under any circumstance, be made responsible for the content of the website including, but not being limited to, truncated, incomplete or faulty information or for any consequences of their use.

Promotion and quizzes

We establish on our own the regulations of promotions and quizzes which we organize. The possible participants are notified about these regulations only through our website or other means of private or public communication. Only the orders which respect the rules displayed on the website can benefit promotions. Also, promotions apply only to orders which are registered by the company during the timespan in which the promotion is valid and only in the limit of available stock.
We do not guarantee stock availability of products up for promotion and we can interrupt or cancel it at any given moment without prior notification.

Prices of products

Product prices are displayed on the website in lei: LEI (RON) with VAT

Payment of the products

The ordered products remain in the property of Crama Girboiu until the whole payment is done.
the payment of ordered products can be done the following ways:

1)      Cash on delivery (either individuals or legal entities in Bucharest or Ilfov)

2)      Bank transfer in our account (individuals or legal entities)

3)      Online with credit/debit cards (including Romanian cards)

4)      Pay at delivery (cash or credit/debit card) at collection from one of our stores.

Payment in cash

Payment in cash is done in Lei (RON) to the commissionaire who effectuates the delivery, whole in the moment of receiving the products.

Payment through Bank Transfer

The necessary information for payments by bank transfer are the following:

Name of the company: SC MERA COM INTERNATIONAL S.R.L
Iban LEI: RO90 BACX 0000 0007 0123 1000
Unique registration number: RO6634678

Payment by card (online)

You can effectuate payments online with your personal or your company’s card, in completely safe conditions. The accepted cards are emitted by VISA and MASTERCARD.
There are no extra charges for transactions. For the successful finalization of the transaction, you must provide the code of the card (all the digits from the 4 groups on the front of the card, without spaces in between them), the expiration date and the last three digits on the back of the card, printed on the band with your signature (depending on the card, it can be absent).
No matter what currency you have in your account, the transactions are done in LEI, at the exchange rate of your bank.

Delivery of the products

In Bucharest and in Ilfov county, the delivery time is between 12 and 24 hours, with the express confirmation of a operator in regards to the time in which the delivery will take place. In order to benefit of emergency delivery, in the same day as the order, the confirmation until noon is necessary.
Outside of Bucharest and Ilfov county, the delivery term is set between 48 and 72 hours, starting from the moment of confirmation of the order and payment.
For deliveries outside of Bucharest and Ilfov county, the delivery time is calculated from the moment of the confirmation of the payment.

The delivery of the products can be done through our couriers or through specialized delivery companies, or can be claimed from the following locations:

Popesti-Leordeni warehouse, Olteniei Street, nr. 202 (Viscofil center), Ilfov county
Brasov warehouse, Fagarasului way, nr 27
Bucharest store 1, Dudesti way nr. 153, sector 3
Bucharest store 2, Banul Antunache street, number 45 (inside the Floreasca food market)

In Bucharest and Ilfov county delivery is free of charge for orders greater than 100 LEI. For orders smaller than 100 LEI in Bucharest, a 15 lei delivery fee shall be charged.

Outside Bucharest and Ilfov county delivery costs is calculated In the following way: 17 Lei VAT for parcels up to one kg in total weight, after which 1 lei VAT for every following kilogram.
All costs will appear in the proforma invoice, separate from the cost of the ordered goods.
The equivalent for the delivery will be held by the client, in the base of tariffs (????), and a part of the shipping costs will be supported by us, Thus, for parcels with a value over 400 lei, the client won’t pay anything for the shipping.

The ordered products are delivered in the entire country, using the shipping method and time term selected by the client at the finalization of the order. The products are wrapped in a special package and are assured during the whole time of the shipping process until delivery.

In the case of the client not being able to be contacted at the established date and time of delivery, the client will be phoned on the provided number. If there won’t be an answer, will keep the ordered good for 3 working days, time in which we will contact you again in order to finalize the order. In case the client still won’t be able to be contacted, the order will be canceled.
In special cases (the ordered products are not in stock, shipping difficulties) we reserve our right to increase the shipping time.
Crama Girboiu reserves its right of not accepting orders and/or deliveries from certain clients and/or towards certain addresses.

Personal data

On the website, the user is responsible for all the activity which results from access of the personal account and password. Crama Girboiu can’t be made responsible for the errors as a result of the negligence in regards to the security and confidentiality of your account and password.
Personal details of the user can only be used by and its suppliers only with the purposes declared by the website. Information from the registration account, as well as details from the order form will be used to send the user the confirmation of the orders, information about possible promotions, etc.
The user’s personal details can be indeed sent to authorities capable of verifying commercial transactions or other authorities in right to effectuate any justified searches in accordance with the law. But this will be solicited in conformity with the current laws.

Information Security

Crama Girboiu guarantees security and confidentiality of the hosted details which are transmitted through its information system. Crama Girboiu won’t assume responsibility for loss of information caused by any malfunctions or errors of the software with which the website is conceived and hosted, and it won’t guarantee that the website, server(s) or sent emails of won’t contain viruses or any harmful components. Also, Crama Girboiu does not answer for malfunctions that imperil the security of the server on which we host the website. We guarantee the security and confidentiality, but we don’t guarantee the security and stability of the software.

Responsibility in regards to products and services

The products (where the case applies) are accompanied by warranty certificates of the manufacturers.
In case that the products can’t be shipped or are damaged during the shipping process, the client can ask for a full refund of the sums cashed in by The MERA COM INTERNATIONAL society, but not other damages.
Crama Girboiu can’t guarantee stock availability of all listed products. Thus, Crama Girboiu assumes its right to not process the order in case the requested product is not available at the time of the order. The client will receive all the money charged by MERA COM INTERNATIONAL SRL for the respective order.
Declining of warranties and limitation of responsibilities of Crama Girboiu doesn’t offer any guarantees to users in regards to availability of its services, precision of published information or the security of its services.
The content of the website (texts, descriptions of the products, technical details, images, symbols) is property of the firm SC MERA COM INTERNATIONAL SRL and of its partners and it has been created in collaboration with the providers of the listed products. The images are presented on the website with images for example, and the delivered products can vary in images in any possible way (color, accessories, aspect etc.)
The website and the related materials are offered “as they are” and “as long as they are available”.
Crama Girboiu won’t assume responsibility and can’t be made responsible for any kind of damage done by using the purchased products from our website, products for which Crama Girboiu doesn’t offer any warranty, express or implicit.
Crama Girboiu doesn’t guarantee and it can’t be made responsible in case that the products don’t correspond with the purpose of which they were purchased. Also, Crama Girboiu can’t offer any guarantee in case of any consequences created by failure of services, information delays or the security of its applications.
Crama Girboiu won’t be made responsible for any damage, of any kind, including but not being limited to: any direct, indirect, or accidental damage. We aren’t responsible for any of the damages created by you, of any kind.

Price policy. Products shipping

The prices of the products are those displayed on every individual product.
Crama Girboiu will be able to organize any promotional campaign referring to the displayed products on the website, promotions of which conditions are set entirely by Crama Girboiu.


Any attempt of unauthorized access on and any fraud attempt will be reported without any delay to competent authorities. Any litigations will be solved in an amiable way. If the litigation can’t be solved in an amiable way, or one of the involved parts give up on the amiable solution, the litigation will be solved through arbitration of The International Commercial Arbitration Court of The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania and Bucharest Municipality, in conformity with the arbitration procedure regulations of this court. The arbitral decision is definitive and compulsory. The major force cited and tested by one of the parts in legal conditions, exonerates the parts of obligations – with the exception of the obligation of payment for provided services until its occurrence – during the entire time of the major force.

Transport damages

The received products will be checked in the presence of the delivery representative, and if unfortunately, the products prove to present damages because of the delivery, the client has the right to refuse the order is kindly asked to contact us about it at
Crama Girboiu will return the consideration (if the payment has been done in advance) or will resend the parcel at the client’s request.


The entire content of the website:– images, texts, graphics, symbols, elements of WEB graphics, scripts, programs and other data – is the property of Crama Girboiu and its suppliers and it’s protected by the Copyright law and the laws with regards to intellectual property and industry. Using any element mentioned previously without the agreement of Crama Girboiu will be punished according to the law.

Comments, communications and other information

Individuals who access/visit the website can leave comments and any other communications; they can send emails, to leave suggestions, ideas, questions or other information as long as the content of those are not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, doesn’t disturb in any way the private life of other individuals, doesn’t break the intellectual property rights, doesn’t contain viruses, texts with regards to other promotional campaigns, spam letters and emails. Individuals who use a false email address or send electronic messages or any other forms of communication in the name of another individual or society or in the name of any other entity will be sanctioned in conformity with the law. has the right (but not the obligation) to delete any such content identified on the website.

Extra charges

The final price paid by the client is formed from the price of the product and the shipping costs.
Crama Girboiu doesn’t perceive any extra costs at the acquisition of the product.
For any other extra charges, please contact

Final dispositions

If any of the presented clauses will be found null or invalid, no matter what the cause, the clause won’t affect the validity of other clauses. Once purchased and the order sent, the client accepts without any objections the terms and conditions of use, the value of those being the same value as a valid signed contract.